Let’s Get Cooking: Introduction

Hello there! One thing I want to start doing is sharing some of my favorite healthy recipes with y’all! If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I have struggled with obsessive calorie counting and restricting what I eat. One thing that has helped me pull away from doing this as much is cooking healthy recipes. The whole process of cooking a good meal is therapeutic for me. SO, I want to start sharing some of my favorites with y’all. Now, if you’re looking for recipes with exact measurements then these are NOT the ones for you. Half of the ingredients in each of the recipes I enjoy making fall into the “just eyeball it” category. I know how to visually measure out the amount that works well for me and satisfies my tastebuds, so you may have to do the same. I will try to guide you as best I can, but in the spirit of keeping things honest, it is a lot of just “winging it.” Hopefully you will feel like trying some of these out and will enjoy them. Maybe I can even help you find another weeknight staple in your meal lineup 🙂

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