The Rollercoaster That Is Mental Health

Living with a mental health diagnosis is like riding on a rollercoaster – there’s lots of ups & downs, twists & turns, getting thrown for a loop, and suddenly going backwards when you thought you were moving forward.

This all has felt EXTREMELY accurate for my life in the past year or so. I have experienced some of the highest of highs, where I have felt really, truly happy. I have also experienced some of the lowest of lows, where I didn’t feel like I would ever experience anything good or feel happy again. I’ve had days where I’ve had NO desire to do anything and just chose to lie on the couch or in my bed for hours at a time. I’ve also had days where I felt content and at peace with life.

The thing is, I never know what my days are going to be like; it’s like getting on a rollercoaster for the first time, unsure of what the ride will entail. But, just like when riding a rollercoaster, it helps to have people sitting in the seat(s) beside you. Having people there to support you – family, friends, a trusted therapist – makes all the difference. You don’t have to get on the ride alone. You can have people with you through all the ups & downs; you don’t have to go through the stomach-dropping moments and uncertainty on your own. Find the people in your life you can trust. Even having just ONE person who can support you can make all the difference.


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