Journaling: An Affordable Form of Self-Care

Hello! It’s been awhile. Maybe one day I will FINALLY get consistent with writing. That day is not today, though. I do have some exciting news to share (well, exciting for me at least). I have some super cute journals available for purchase in the Amazon bookstore! All of them are 100 lined pages and cost $6.99.

Journaling can be therapeutic for individuals living with depression and/or anxiety. It allows you the opportunity to write everything out, making it easier to sort through your thoughts. Regularly journaling gives you something tangible to look back on, which is helpful for identifying triggers, as well as recognizing the progress you have made.

I have found journaling to be highly beneficial for my mental health. One of the best things about journaling is that it is an affordable form of self-care anyone can partake in. All you need is a journal of your choice and a writing tool. Additionally, it’s portable, so you can still make time for it while on-the-go.

Having a cute journal can make it all the more enjoyable, which is why I decided to design some. Below are pictures of some of the ones I currently have available.

Go to –> On the side menu, scroll down to “Digital Content & Devices” and click the arrow beside “Kindle E-readers & Books–> Scroll down to the section that says “Kindle Store” and click on “Kindle Books–> On the menu at the top of the “Kindle Books” page, click on the tab that says “Advanced Search–> It will take you to a page that says “Kindle eBooks: Advanced Search–> Go to the side menu that says “Kindle Books” at the top and click on the tab that says “Books –> You should now be on a page that says “Books Search –> Go to the dropdown menu under “Format” and select the option for “Paperback –> In the search box for author, type “Lessons in the Lone Star –> Press the “Search” button –> You should now be on the page that displays all of the journals

What now? Well, I hope you will order 1…or 2…or 10. Buy some for yourself, your friends, your family, anyone!

Please tell your friends! Help me get the word out and share this with them. I can’t do this without y’all. Thank you for all the support! I appreciate y’all.

You’ve got this! Sending light & love your way!


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