Community Crew//Apparel for Mental Health Awareness

One of the things I’ve really been wanting for this brand is for it to create COMMUNITY. I want for people to see they are NOT alone in their struggles. What better way to do that than with comfy, colorful shirts?!

I’ve decided to setup a little store to sell t-shirts and sweatshirts. All designs are created by me, for you to wear. My hope is that people will buy the shirts and wear them, leading to conversations taking place – the types of conversations that foster community. From that, I hope it will create a domino effect: more people buy shirts, more conversations take place, more connections are formed, and so on and so forth. I want to help normalize talking about mental health in our daily lives.

To get the ball rolling on this, I need YOUR help. Click the link above or below and go buy a shirt or two (please). Share the link with your friends (again, please). Together, we can create community so others can see they are not alone (and we can be comfortable while doing it).

Thanks y’all! I couldn’t do this without each of you. It means so much to have y’all on this ride with me. Sending light & love your way!

With love,



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