About Lessons in the Lone Star

Hello! I’m so happy you found my little corner of the internet! This is a space where YOU are welcome. Let me share a little with you on how this blog got started:

When I first created this blog in summer of 2019, after I had moved to Texas to start occupational therapy school, my intent was for this blog to be a way of documenting my time in OT school and what all I was learning (hence the name Lessons in the Lone Star). I had hoped it would become a resource that could help other OT students. Well, that has not happened…like at all. What this blog has really ended up being used for is talking about mental health.

I have generalized anxiety disorder and depression. I’ve struggled with anxiety since childhood, although I didn’t realize that’s what it was back then. It got worse in college and reached the point of being severe and impacting my daily life after I moved to Texas for OT school. As my anxiety got worse, the depression started to creep in more and more. Simple, everyday tasks were starting to feel so difficult. It wasn’t until I made the decision to seek help that I realized I did NOT have to stay feeling like this.

Like a lot of people, I thought that needing help for managing my mental health was something to be ashamed of. I didn’t want to rely on medication to manage what all was going on in my head and I DEFINITELY didn’t want to go to therapy. It seemed far too shameful for me to even consider. Well, all of that eventually changed. In October of 2019, I hit a breaking point and came to the realization that I NEEDED help. I was able to get an appointment that day to see a nurse practitioner and started medication for anxiety. I was still resistant to the idea of starting therapy, but in March of 2020, I made the decision to seek further help from a therapist and I can truly say it has been one of the BEST things I have ever done for myself.

What I really want for this blog is for it to be a space where people can see they are not alone when struggling with their mental health; I want it to be a place where people can find a supportive community they may not otherwise have. I want it to be a relatable and honest space, something that is safe and free of all judgment.

Here’s some of the things you can expect to see:

  • Mental health tips – I plan on sharing some of the things I do to help manage my anxiety and depression and ways I care for myself on the hard days. Now, I am NOT a licensed mental healthcare provider. The things that work for me may not be fully backed by evidence. They are just things that have worked for me that I’d like to share in hopes they may be helpful to you.
  • Healthy recipes – I plan on sharing healthy recipes that I enjoy making. I’ve struggled with obsessive calorie counting and restricting what I eat. One thing that has helped me find some freedom with eating is cooking healthy recipes. It’s therapeutic for me and I’d love to start sharing some of my favorites.
  • Honest posts – I plan on continuing to write honest posts about my mental health. Writing everything out has helped me a lot, on the good days and bad. It’s helped me reflect and really process everything as I learn to better care for myself when it comes to my mental health. I also feel that these posts are relatable. They are often filled with disorganized word vomit but I am hoping there is at least one person who is able to find comfort in reading them and sees they are not alone.

I hope you can find comfort in knowing that you are NOT alone in your mental health struggles. I’m excited to have you on this journey with me!

Sending light & love your way,