Depression Days, Altered Plans, & Growth Reflections

It’s one of those days…one of those days where I’m feeling more depressed than I am anxious. Actually, that’s how the past 4 days have been. When I have days like this, it’s often because the anxiety has been building up for so long and my mind & body finally just goes into shut downContinue reading “Depression Days, Altered Plans, & Growth Reflections”

Feeling stuck…

The calorie counting has become obsessive. It didn’t start out this way. It didn’t happen on purpose. It just sorta happened… When my anxiety was at its worst, I was often too nauseous to eat anything. As a result, I lost some weight. And it felt good. It felt good seeing that number drop, seeingContinue reading “Feeling stuck…”

Anxiety’s my name & medication’s the game.

Side note: I’ve actually been working on this post for the past 2 months. I’ve struggled with knowing what to say. Each time I would start to type it, I’d get stuck. Processing through all of this has been hard and it’s taken time. Now, I think I’m finally at a place of really workingContinue reading “Anxiety’s my name & medication’s the game.”